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Easy Spätzle Topping Ideas

After you have sautéed your Spätzle in butter or oil it is ready to be enjoyed as is or you can dress it up with your favourite topping.
Here are just a few of the many possibilities:

  Grated Swiss Cheese like Emmentaler or Gruyure or your favourite cheese.


  Caramelized Onions.


  Chopped prosciutto tossed in towards the end of sautéing (top with cheese too if you like).


   Drizzle on your favourite flavoured balsamic vinegar (one of our customer’s favourites).


   Add fresh spinach, kale or other leafy greens tossed in towards the end of sautéing.


   Add peas with fresh dill.


 Cheese Spätzle (Käsespätzle) German Mac & Cheese

Spätzle Recipes

Spätzle Recipes

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