Our Love Story


Capt. Chris and Chef Tina ~

Chris & Tina knew they were meant for each other shortly after meeting at a training course being put on by Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary.

It did not take long to figure out that they both wanted to cruise and enjoy the world via the ocean. So a plan was made and their goal to work as a Captain and Chef Team was put into action.
After meeting, Tina enrolled in Culinary Arts at North Island College to start working towards her Red Seal Chef’s Designation which she received in 2018.

Chris continued his Marine Teaching career but instead of working for RCM-SAR as their Safety Management Officer/ and Regional Trainer, Chris now works as a Contract Marine and First Aid trainer for organizations, individuals and corporate customers throughout British Columbia.

Together they started working as a Captain and Chef Team on Private Yachts in between their other business commitments and ongoing professional development.

Tina being a member of the North Vancouver Island Chef Association was contacted regarding an opportunity to open a Hut at the Vancouver Christmas Market. Having German heritage in her family and knowing how to make Spätzle, Das Spätzle Haus was created and Chris and Tina started hand making and selling Spätzle at the Market since 2016. With the success of their Das Spätzle Haus and the demand for their product outside of the Christmas season, they soon started selling their Spätzle through a retailer in Abbotsford, BC.

Today they have expanded their Love Story Foods brand into over a dozen retailers in British Columbia and have plans to launch more product options in 2021